Bagh-e- Jinnah

Bagh-e-Jinnah is one of the most lovely gardens in Pakistan because of its herbal assorted variety and precise plan. It covers a land region of 141 sections of land (0.57 square kilometres). Its recorded significance goes back to the hour of British standard in India. It was once in the past known as Lawrence Garden, named after the Viceroy of India John Lawrence,1864-69, who manufactured this nursery during his era. It was initially worked as a greenhouse and was demonstrated on Kew Gardens in England. The Royal Botanic Gardens, for the most part, alluded to as Kew Gardens, included hectares of nurseries and plant glasshouses among Richmond and southwest London, England.

The bagh has a renowned cricket ground since 1885, known as Gymkhana Cricket Ground The bagh gives Tennis Courts to tennis lovers It houses two libraries, Quaid-e-Azam Library and Darussalam library. Quaid-e-Azam Library is one of the biggest reference libraries in Pakistan. A Walking-track A delightful mosque An outdoor theater and a restaurant. Playground for children The bagh has the pleasure of holding Gul-e-Daudi presentation every year The bagh has 150 assortments of trees, 140 sorts of bushes, 50 kinds of creepers, 30 sorts of palms, right around 100 delicious plants and an enormous assortment of blossoms.