Impeccable things you should know before visiting Lahore

"If you haven't visited Lahore, you have not yet been born" I am sure you must have heard of this generic term? From the famous delicious biryanis to miraculous Mughal architecture, Lahore is one of Pakistan's well-known yet incredible city with thousands of tourist attractions. Lively, chaotic, and energetic, Lahore never fails to amaze us after all its residents are known for "Zinda Dilan" So, without any further due, let's jump into all the data you require on what to expect, marvelous activities, and necessary information to help plan your outing to Lahore.

Why should you go to Lahore?

First things first, why should you go to Lahore? Well, from the spectacular landmarks, inspiring architectonic, heartfelt sounds, finger-licking food, and clamoring bazaars to gigantic shopping centers. Lahore itself is an absolute treat to its tourist. It won’t only fascinate you with its beauty, but a touch of ancient culture will make you fall in love with the city.

When is an ideal time to go to Lahore?

Throughout the late spring months (May to August), temperatures consistently surpass 30˚, while November to March offers a more calm atmosphere wherein to investigate. Regardless of the high warmth, summer is the most well-known time for sightseers to visit, although rainfall is at its peak (four to nine days of a downpour!) in this period. November, December, and October are the months with the most minimal rainfall, despite the fact that it very well may be somewhat damp during this time.

What to pack for vacations in Lahore?

Camera – Do I even have to say it? The camera is one of the basic yet incredible technologies that can help you capture all of your beautiful memories, so before leaving, Most of your packing depends on the season you are going in, but here are some tips and tricks that can help you while packing.

  • Comfy yet breathable clothes – when it comes to Lahore, most of the time weather is hot and humid, especially in summers when the sun is out, so make sure to pack some of your loose and comfy clothes you can wear while going out.

  • Shoes – Shoes are one of the essential accessories that can either make you or ruin you! So, pack wisely. If you have essential seminars or meeting to attend, just pack one or two of your formal shoes but besides that, make sure to pack your hiker shoes because trust me, once you are out on a hot sunny day with a map in your hand, you will absolutely love my advice.

  • Shawls – Shawls are an ultimate perfect item for winters as well as for summers. Whether if it’s a cold day with rainfall or an urgent picture with your friends. It always saves you from all the unexpected events in your life.

  • make sure to pack it.

  • Cash – So, in case if you are a credit card person, this point is very necessary for you as half of Lahore is about food stalls and ancient shops where they don’t have the facility of credit card machine. It’s best if you take some of the cash along with you to avoid any mishappening .

How to get to Lahore?

Once you have finally put your first feet in the streets of Lahore, you are ready to be called as a “Lahori,” but are you ready to face the distress they face while moving from one place to another? I am sure the answer is “No.” Don’t worry; we got your back, as you can efficiently utilize our amazing car rental services. All you have to do is book your desired car, pay the required amount, and boom! You are ready to go.

Where to stay in Lahore?

There are countless numbers of hotels within Lahore that will accommodate you to the fullest, but we, the team of Lawrence View Hotel, believe accommodation is not everything; instead, customer satisfaction, lively atmosphere, and friendly environment are what a hotel is. We consider “If you are paying for something, it should be worthy” So, by opting for us, you are not just choosing a place to stay; you are choosing a home to live in.

Lastly, Witness a condition of a daze at a Sufi dhamal

So, if you are planning to visit Lahore for a more extended period, make sure to read our next blog that will indicate some of the hidden gems of Lahore that will make your journey more exciting but for now, let me introduce you to something you won't ever acknowledge somewhere else in this world. The Sufi dhamal, every Thursday, Sufis accumulate at temples around Lahore for dhamal. Beating drums and uninhibited moving like you've never observed before; they carry spiritualists to a condition of daze, which they believe makes them closer to God. Moreover, with Smoke generating substances, it becomes way easier for them to adopt a wandering mental state. Trust me, that would be one hell of a sight to see.

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